Hairstyles And Treandy Hair Fashion


Think again should you think this fashion is impossible to repeat. Hairstylist shows you just how to re create this , bad ass shoelace braid hair fashion that is chic in moments!
The the equipment you’ll want:
1. Bobby pins
2. Hair rubber bands
3. Mousse

Get set go:
1. First hold all the hair in your palm and then apply mousse to them. Start from the bottom to top so that you get more grip and your shoelace braids stays intact and do not loosen up.

2. Think as if you are tying your shoe lace, and tie two section on both region of your own portion. From the center divide your hairs in two part and start tying them, the two parts should start from the hairline. Now simply work with them just like you tie your laces of the shoes.

3. Mix mini items of tresses you’re linking. Much like braid, entail mini items of release hair to the division that you might be linking inside knots as you place the gold braid low plus once again on the way to the overhead of the brain.

4. Pin up your braid behind in between the crown and hairline. One pin is not enough to keep the braid in placeplace, so use another pin and cross it over the first. Next, follow all the above steps on other side and you are half done.

5. Once you are done with step 4 and both side braids are firmly secured, now collect all the remaining hair and tie them in high pony-tail. Also, tie the ponytail with some good elastic rubber band so that your hairs do not come out.

6. Now this ponytail will be a Fishtail braid hair fashion. For that make 2 half sections of the high ponytail you just made, from one section pull a tiny bit of hair and cross it around the other section and similarly pull a tiny bit of hair from second section and cross it around the first one. Keep doing this till the end of your pony.

7. Now to end up, fold the Fishtail braid around at it’s base like a bun. Do not forget to secure the bun with bobby pins and ensure that this bun is so circled that you can see the details of your fishTail braid.

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